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Do you smell a strong sewage odor near your home? Have you noticed a puddle of sludge oozing up in your lawn? Are there new cracks in your foundation, walls, or driveway? All of these may be signs of a problem with your sewer line. While the city is responsible for the main sewer line on your street, you must maintain the pipes on your property. Our Chino Hills sewer repair professionals are always available and have more than 15 years of experience. Trust our team for expert plumbing services at a fair price.

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Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Sewer lines are located under the ground. Earthquakes or shifts in the terrain can cause the pipes to crack over time.

Other causes of sewer line damage include:

  • Tree roots: Trees are naturally drawn to the nutrients inside sewer lines, and the roots can eventually penetrate the pipes. To combat root infiltration, we may need to reinforce or reline the pipes using trenchless repair.
  • Corrosion: Time wears on your pipes. When corrosion becomes pervasive, the only options are to reline or reinforce the pipes. Ignoring corrosion only leads to more leaks in the future.
  • Nearby construction: When construction crews use power tools in your neighborhood, it can affect your pipes. Take note of any crews in your area and make sure to contact the construction company if they cause damage on your property.
  • A large blockage: Some clogs are too large for a plumber’s auger and need hydro jetting. We can blast away large collections of debris and scour your pipe interiors.

    With our special sewer line cameras, we are able to pinpoint the location and depth of your leak. We use the images from this video feed to determine the best possible solution.

    Trenchless Sewer Repair Protects Your Property

    Because sewer lines are far under the ground, they are not easy to access. Digging up a sewer line may involve jack-hammering your driveway or pulling up your sod. Thankfully, trenchless repair allows us to fix many sewer problems without disturbing your property. This process involves fitting smaller pipes inside of your existing ones to cover up leaks or cracks.

    The trenchless sewer repair process involves the following steps:

    • Camera inspection. We'll snake a special camera down into your sewer lines to pinpoint areas of damage.
    • Sewer line cleaning. Using hydrojetting equipment, we'll thoroughly clean the inside of the pipes so that repairs can begin.
    • Insertion of new pipe material. Once the pipe walls are clean, we'll insert new pipe liners (called cured in-place pipe, or CIPP, liners) that are coated in epoxy resin. Once they reach the damaged area, we'll inflate these liners so that they press up against the damaged pipe walls.
    • Curing. The new liner is left to cure. Once cured, we'll perform a final camera inspection and your sewer pipes will be as good as new!

    Call Hedrick & Young Plumbing today to discuss your options for sewer repair in Chino Hills or anywhere in San Bernardino County.

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